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Do you like to watch Upin and Ipin? Children are able to create more and more story. When watching Upin, some of you might remember how happy you are in the childhood. Upin has twins named Ipin. Upin and Ipin is the Malaysian animation series. This becomes so popular in some countries since getting good response. Similar to other children, they have many friends especiall when enrolled to the school for kids. Their school is located in the Durian Runtuh village. As we all know, every child has their own characteristic. Upin and Ipin have many friends with the different characteristic. Fizy and Mail are some of their friends. People who always watch this animation TV series know who Mei Mei is. She is a clever and cute girl and known as the pupil at Tadika Mesra. Upin and Mei mei have a good friendship. That is why they play for all the time together. In some situations, Upin choose to play with boys not with Mei Mei.


Know the popularity of Upin and Ipin series As mentioned previously, Ipin has twins named Upin. They love to spend time together with their friends. In this article, we will talk about the popularity of this animation series. It seems many people are familiar with this animation series. Why? Children love to spend their time for watching Upin and Ipin. In Indonesia, this still becomes the top TV series to watch. This was released in 2007 in Malaysia. Fortunately, all Indonesian can enjoy this series in the same year. Do you live in the different country? I think it is not a matter. Some countries also broadcast it. In Singapore, you can watch this series through the MediaCorp Suria channel. Similar to Singapore and Indonesia, Turkey also broadcasted it since 2008. This proves that Upin and Ipin series is so popular worldwide. This series was released to educate children the meaning of Ramadhan. If you live in Indonesia, you can watch it on MNCTV channel.


Boy with superpower Most kids know Boboiboy. Nowadays, Boboiboy comes in some toy forms. If your child loves to watch this animation series, perhaps you can buy the gift for his birthday with Boboiboy theme. This boy has the supowerpower and the ability to separate into three. This becomes the hidden reason why and why children do not want to miss time to not watch this series. Similar to him, his friends also have the superpower. They all fight to protect the earth from the alien. The alien attacks this boy and his friends for a certain purpose that is to hunt for cocoa beans. Believe it or not, the cocoa bean can threat the earth. That is why Boboiboy always try to prevent alien to cause the damage. Boboiboy is from Kuala Lumpur city. He comes to the Rintis Island during holiday season to help his grandfather, Tok Aba. In this moment, he meets new friends named Yaya, Gopal, and Ying. In the same time, Adu DU comes with his friends to attack Boboiboy. They come to the earth to steal the cocoa bean. Boboiboy gets the superpower from the robot, Ochobot. This causes this this boy can separate into three with three elements from the earth. Similar to Boboiboy, his friends also get the superpower from the same robot. During holiday season, Boboiboy fight with strange alient that is Adu Du. when super boy (Boboiboy) separates into three, this alien takes advantages and try to decrease the memorizing ability of Boboiboy. If your kid likes to watch this animation series, do you always allow him? However, it is very important to be careful in choosing the entertainment to watch by your kid. ALthougth this animation series does not give negative effects to your kid, it would be better to never let him watch without supervision from adult either you or your loved ones.